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They say that home is where th
They say that home is where the heart is.
Home chocolate and fluffy towels.
Home is...wet socks on the radiator and old christmas specials.
Home is...warm smiles and soft hugs.
It's being sick in the head and loved anyway.
It's being loved so much that the sickness never gets to grow.
It's having a champion when you're little.
It's waking up in the night and climbing into your parents' bed.
Home is having enough to eat all year. It's being sick in the head and sometimes unbearable, but always cherished.
Home is being protected.
Home is family.
They say that home is where the heart is.
What about when the heart's broken? Is the home broken too?
Home is....a foreign concept.
Home is...something that I don't have.
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Fragmented- Mylla so far
The woman was young, but her eyes were ancient. She looked no older than twenty, but her eyes. She smiled softly at them as she walked around the room, trailing her fingers along the backs of the couches, the spines of the books. Their whole group stood and watched her, waiting for the answers they'd searched so long for.
"I was a god, once." Tomas snorted, yet she didn't seem concerned. "You don't believe in gods. That's quite alright. I don't either. There have been none of my kind for millenia. A long time ago, this place was young, and I was radiant with my power. I created this world to my fancy, made the inhabitants how I saw fit. I created a grand palace, and I adorned it with all the finery it could hold. I set the laws of this world, its nature, in place, and I sat upon my gilded throne and watched the world grow. I sat for so long that I could no longer see my world. I became a living statue, and for years the palace grew silent and cold with my neglect. When at last I did aw
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Across the Ages
A hint of a whisper, a light in the dark.
My heart jumps.
A wisp of a tear, an echo of sobs.
My eyes are dry.
A clap of thunder, a resounding shout.
My blood boils.
A thread of black, a silent abyss.
My skin yields to glass.
A ray of sunshine, a theatre mask.
My smile is radiant.
A deafening silence, an oppressed existence.
My self is insignificant.
A hushed laugh, knowing eyes.
My mood is mischievous.
A phantom hug, a fading scar.
My hands are steady.
A broken child, a hidden past.
My secrets are kept.
A vague poem, a cryptic key.
Known simply.
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        They've tied her up, she cannot run
    She burns beneath the dying sun
            Her soul too far, and far too late,
                 Now she is consumed by hate.
        Hate, the fire that licks at her legs.
           Hate, the torture she's endured for days.
                                  She cries out; there is no doubt.
                         Her life, like sand; runs through thei
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The Third-Floor Bedroom
         She couldn't believe her mother! How could she move them here, of all the places in the entire country?  The house they were moving to was centuries old, built on the remains of what used to be an execution site for accused witches.  Lila was furious. Not only was this an execution site, but it had been one of the 'most popular' of the burning grounds in England, where they lived.  Hundreds of innocent women and men had been burned alive here, and her mother, a witch herself, was moving herself and her witch daughter to the place where their ancestors had suffered the worst of deaths.  
The car rolled up the hill to the house. It had been built in the late 1700's, but had been remodeled many times since then. It was a light white color, and had three floors. Lila could feel the evil of the place in her bones, like something was trapped. She couldn't shake an awful feeling in her gut, and she w
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Silent Cry chapter 2
Okay, guys, I'm currently working on the rewrite of this first chapter, so be on the look out! Go check out my journal and get the details. Comment if you want me to continue this, please!!!!
   She almost slipped, almost shuddered, but she caught herself at the last second. But Brant saved her at the last second, just before her father let her have it, verbally at least.
“ I was, unfortunately, to quick to assume something of a sophomore, who for a girl has a very good arm. I should have listened to Cara, could’ve saved me a nice bruise, ne?” Her father eyed them both suspiciously, but made no further move to question them about it. Although he clearly fooled Brant (he could fool anyone but Cara) Cara knew he didn’t buy it, and he gave her a look behind Brant’s back that clearly stated that he knew it had been her, and that she would be paying dearly after work. And s
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silent cry chapter 1
Okay, guys, I'm currently working on the rewrite of this first chapter, so be on the look out! Go check out my journal and get the details. Comment if you want me to continue this, please!!!!
Stay quiet. Don’t make a sound. Then maybe they’ll forget you tonight. Maybe they won’t notice you running. But wait. The key is turned in the lock, the door unmovable. The room is so dark, but the dark is better than what’s outside. She had never wanted to be at school more than that moment. Where she was scoffed at, but the top of every class. She wanted the fake blondes, throwing themselves at the jocks, in those nasty short shorts, and the boys, who thought being a jerk was hot. She wanted to go there, and for a few hours, forget this hell on earth. Her friends knew nothing. The teachers knew nothing. No one knew anything. She made sure of that. She was always so careful, she wore long sleeves and jeans, she never ever let her limp show, never
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It began with a dream
    ‘ It was dark, the only light coming from the full moon. A cool, refreshing breeze caressed the girl’s face, making her long, raven tresses dance. She stood at the very edge of this hidden sanctuary, breathing in the heady scent of rain and wild flowers . In the soft, silvery light, she could make out a strange shape disrupting the smooth, flower speckled grass of the clearing. Was it an animal waiting for a midnight snack? Or worse, a demon? Her heart pounded, loud as thunder in her ears. Suddenly, a soft cry broke the silence, and with a jolt she realized it was an infant. She made to go toward it, but everything went black the moment she took a step forward.’
I woke with a start. I was in my room again, and not in the forest. But the dream had seemed so real! I was, however, still in my
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It's been quite a while since I was very active on here, so I thought I'd come and tell you how to find me. I'm currently GhoulThalia on tumblr for the Halloween season, but usually you can find me as GayThalia. My current url is, and after this month it will go back to 


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Personal Quote: The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his. -Georg


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